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The water tower
of the Montzen shed

The water tower at the Montzen shed probably dates back to 1920. The oldest document available shows the number of locomotives at the Montzen shed on 01-05-1922, which confirms that the work should have been functional on that date.

The water tower located at B.K. 35.875 has a capacity of 500 m3 and is divided into 2 identical tanks.

Gite Doms d'Alfred
Chateau d'eau Montzen
Plan avant le Gite Kindadom

We do not have a plan of its construction but we found a transcribed version of the
plan of the Montzen Train Station from 1948 that was drawn up by the national rail track department.

Plan Chateau d'eau Montzen

A little history ?

The project was carried out by the German company Dyckerhoff & Widmann, a pioneer in the use of reinforced concrete.

Gite chateau d'eau
Gite chateau d'eau

After bearing different names and going through the decades, this company is still well known in the world of civil engineering under the name Dywidag, which is now part of Groupe International STRABAG.

Even if the enthusiasts and collectors who are interested in Montzen Station are very numerous, it seems that the water tower has never attracted much attention. Three photos taken in front of his front door in the 1960s have been found.

Gite chateau d'eau

1960s View of the station from the water tower
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