Your holidays deserve to dare the unusual and the innovative, am I right?

Welcome to my Doms: Houses for an unusual and unforgettable holidays in Belgium. I am Alfred, the master of the house, at your service!

My mission: To offer you an unforgettable, audacious and authentic experience in totally unusual places in the east of Belgium in the region of the three borders.

And as I am aware of current environmental issues, at Doms d'Alfred, you can have concrete solutions for holidays that are more sustainable and respectful of nature.

Doms d'Alfred


Gites Insolites

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Let me tell you more about my unusual lodgings.

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During your stay, I will give you innovative experiences and daring challenges to make you laugh with family or friends.

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I have many good tips and unmissable sites of interest in the region to share with you.

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