Doms d'Alfred

Take the step and dare to spend your holidays like nobody else before!

In my holiday homes, at Doms Alfred, I will make you live like never before in this place of excellence and history.

Sleep in nets, swim underground in an old water reservoir, have your snacktime 16 metres above the ground, leave with your family and find out the history and hidden secrets or just relax in the gameroom. You are spoilt for choice in this sustainable and natural setting.

My mission: Make your experience unforgettable, audacious, and real.

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The values that move us!

  • Unusual
  • Innovating
  • Real
  • Fun
  • Durable
  • Audacious
  • Transmission

And as I am a great follower of our planet, at Doms d'Alfred, I make sure to make tourism sustainable to make your holidays more respectful of the environment.

For example, I prepare the breakfasts in bulk, in collaboration with a local store. I also provide my own brewery service so that I can recycle the bottles that you use. I also chose an ecological treatment method for the pool water for the health of the young swimmers and the planet.

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La nature

I love to give you a little challenge. Try to pass to the next level. When you arrive, and if you are in the mood, I propose to provide you with some clues to solve to discover the place.

But with sustainable development also comes social commitment! So I decided to offer 25 euros to a children's aid association, when each family commits to being attentive to their plastic consumption during their stay.

Psst! What is hiding behind Alfred at the back.

and Fred


When Alena talks about Fred

Fred is a lover of our region that he knows like the back of his hand. He is passionate about its history and especially about the buildings that tell of its past.

Do not hesitate to ask him when you arrive, but only if you have a little time to spare. He can be talkative. Organised, efficient and available, he always answers the phone.

and Fred


When Fred talks about Alena

Aléna loves short getaways for two or with the family. Booking sites are her thing! She can spend hours on blogs in order to find the most unique place to visit.

She never lacks imagination when it comes to preparing a small party, always ready to pull out the works on the table when receiving friends.

OK Alfred, we are getting to know the scene. It seems nice.
Wait a minute, what is a Dom?

Do you know the Lingwa de Planeta (LdP)? It is an international language created on the basis of ten of the most spoken languages in the world (including six from Western Europe).

Alfred likes to meet people and his water towers are fortunately located in the heart of Trois-Frontières: Between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. He then had the idea of using Lingwa de Planeta to make everyone feel at home. And that's what DOM stands for: Home.

Alfred has a very strong family spirit. He likes to spend time with those he loves, to offer them moments of quality, of play, of discovery. So he decided to give life to these places inscribed in the heritage of his region by creating a place for families, for friends, to meet and share quality moments with loved ones.


Gites Insolites

Come here and have a look!
Let me tell you more about my unusual lodgings.

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During your stay, I will give you innovative experiences and daring challenges to make you laugh with family or friends.

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I have many good tips and unmissable sites of interest in the region to share with you.

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