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  • The KINDADOM can welcome 2 to 3 families, or 6 adults and 8 children.
  • There are 2 double bunkbeds that can welcome 2 adults and 2 children (160 x 200 cm),
    a queen-size double bed for 2 adults (160 x 200 cm), a small double bed (140 x 180 cm),
    a normal single bed (80 x 200 cm) and a small single bed (80 x 160 cm)

  • There are 3 adjustable sleeping spaces at KINDADOM.
  • 2 parental suites can each welcome 2 adults and 2 children (double bunkbeds of 160 x 200 cm) with its own shower.
  • 1 large open space consisting of:
    • a bedroom with a queen-size double bed (160 x 200 cm) and a bed for a child (80 x 180 cm)
    • a single bed (80 x 200 cm)
    • a small double bed (140 x 180 cm)
    • a bathroom with a bath, shower and toilet.

  • We think that the children will most easily make the most of spaces with the security settings and specific spaces in KINDADOM when over 4 years of age.
  • However, we have thought of all security requirements for the small guests and propose to close off access to specific spaces for the younger guests.

  • We have an indoor heated pool in one of the tanks. We use a 100% biological method for treating the water without any need to use salts or chlorine-based products.
  • The games room has an arcade machine, board games and a cinema area
  • A home cinema room with large screen
  • An indoor slide
  • An indoor slide and swings
  • A barbecue and brazier
  • A fully-equipped terrace with garden furniture
  • Bluetooth audio system for the kitchen, the terrace and the swimming pool
  • 2 connected televisions, one in the sitting, and the other in the games room with access to Disney+
  • A kitchen area with a fridge in the sitting room tank to make your appetisers easily to enjoy
  • A storage area for your bicycles and prams
  • Parking area

  • KINDADOM is an unusual place that encourages play, discovery and exploration. It is a holiday home different from anything you may encounter elsewhere, which has both this fun aspect for families but also all the comfort that you need for an exceptional stay.
  • To get around the residence, there are two ways to navigate: Interior navigation which is done by traditional ladders or trapdoor ladders (except access to the swimming pool) or the easier exterior navigation through a walkway and classic stairs. Therefore, the holiday home is unfortunately not suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • For this reason too, we believe that a child will enjoy the stay more independently from the age of 4. Before that, you will have to keep an eye on anyone younger in the various movements within the building. You will see that this place is more effective than a session of psychomotricity. However, we have considered several items to secure the main rooms. For example, in the kitchen, a barrier blocks access to the ladder to the living room. The presence of the swimming pool also constitutes a risk for the youngest children where you must remain vigilant.

  • During the week, there are still many trains passing in front of the building. Often, this feature fascinates children who like to watch them pass. On weekends, few trains still pass by as the line is exclusively reserved for the transport of goods.
  • However, given the thickness of the concrete of the old water tank, we hear very little noise from inside the building. On the terrace and outside, it is obvious that you can hear the passing trains, but we think this sound adds charm to the place.

  • When you get here, you will have:
    • Bed sheets
    • Bath towels (one large and one small per person)
    • Senseo coffee machine with ten pads (Charles Liégeois)
    • Kitchen utensils including food blender, toaster, kettle
    • Dishwashing product
    • 2 dish towels
    • 2 dishwasher tablets
    • 1 cutlery holder
    • 2 children chairs (on request)
    • 2 cots (on request)
    • 2 raclette machines (to share for every 8 guest)
    • A hair dryer in each room
    • Shower gel (body and hair) at the swimming pool
    • A few logs for the brazier

  • Les lieux ne se prêtent pas du tout à la circulation des animaux au sein de la maison de vacances.
  • Therefore, animals are not permitted.

  • The nearest station is Welkenraedt. The bus line serving the region is the 710. The nearest bus stop "Montzen Cité", is located exactly 1km from the holiday home.
  • Even if I would like to be able to favour this mode of transport, I must admit that it is not particularly easy.

  • When making your reservation, you will have access to the "traveller's guide" which contains various information to help you organise your stay such as activities, shops and local restaurants.
  • You can also find ideas for family outings in the "share" section of my website.

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